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Mid-Continent Athletics

Mid-Continent Athletics


Each town is required to assign a league representative; and attend meetings during the planning of the season through the conclusion of the season.

Zero tolerance for bad sportsmanlike conduct, foul language, or drugs/alcohol at any Mid Continent sponsored event. If a coach, player, or fan is ejected from a game by a league representative/board member or by an official, the board will decide the return of such offender.

All coaches must go through a comprehensive background check performed by the town they are coaching through. Disqualification is at the discretion of league representative.

Mandatory consecutive batting order will be used and must be submitted before game start time. Late player must be present by the end of the first inning to qualify to play.

No designated hitter in any age division.

No inning will start after the start time for the following game or after 11:00pm.

All players will be required to be dressed in uniform shirt; with no duplicate numbers. NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED!

Two trips to the mound in one inning per pitcher. On the second trip, the manager must remove the pitcher from the mound.

A player may only play on one Mid Continent team.

Rostered teams may not exceed 15 players.

Home team furnishes the official scorekeeper that will sit close to home plate.

A batter who throws a bat will be given one warning. Second offense for player will be deemed out. Third offense will be deemed out and ejected from the game. Each occurrence shall be noted in the scorebook.

Courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher may be used in all age divisions.

Outfield players will stay a minimum of 10 feet behind baseline until the pitch has crossed home plate.

All players must play 2 full innings of offense and defense in a regulation game unless being disciplined by the manager. Failure to play a player the minimum playing time, game will be deemed a forfeit.

Mid Continent Athletics is a recreational league. Player recruitment, holding tryouts, or cutting players will not be allowed. Teams will be established by the league representative of each town. 

Ineligible or illegal players shall result in forfeiture of games in which players participated illegally and protested by any of the league officials or representatives in writing to the league.

Any protests will be addressed with the town representative for your town and will only be reviewed with a submission of a cash protest fee of $25.00 along with a written complaint. Protest fee will only be returned if the protest is upheld.

Any team that withdraws a team from the playing field under any circumstances prior to the completion of the game shall forfeit the game and all rights to protest.


Town representatives will communicate within 2 hours of game start time regarding cancellation of delay of games. Town representatives will notify their own coach of cancellation or postponement. Home teams’ town rep must be in contact within one week or home team will forfeit.

If lightning is within 6 to 12 miles, the umpire and home team coach will determine if removing the teams from the field is necessary for safety. Lightning within 0-6 miles will result in the game being delayed and players will immediately be removed from the field. The umpire or town representative will determine the outcome of the game; delayed or called.

When game is called because of weather, the game will be replayed from the beginning at a later date. Games are considered completed after 4 complete innings. Score will then be taken from the last completed inning that was played.

The league encourages players and coaches to take extreme caution when temperatures and heat indexes reach above normal conditions. Extended time between innings and timeouts during the games will be allowed to keep all participants safe. Stated game time limits will still be in effect at all age divisions.


A double elimination tournament will be held for all age divisions with the exception of Coed Tball.

Home team will be declared by rank and scheduler.

All tournament games will utilize two official umpires. Each town must provide an adult umpire for behind home plate and said umpire will be the chief umpire for the game.

All players must be in attendance before the start of the game to be eligible to play.

Game cancellation/postponement due to weather, the game will be considered complete after 4 complete innings or 1 hour 30 minute time limit. 

When active game is postponed due to inclement weather, game will be replayed at a later date and will start up at the point where the game was called. Line ups will remain the same as the original line up of the original game. No player can be added to the line up.

NO protests will be allowed during the tournament games. Umpires' calls will stand.

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